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Going to a new place soon.
So I might be moving to an apartment not too far from here once I get rid of my August expenses. It's a really nice place for $480 with water paid. Not too shabby. I already have the furniture to furnish the place so that's not a big deal. Thing is that I really won't be able to make the trips that I usually make once I make an investment into this new place. I really want to make another trip up to H-burg before taking all this into consideration.

I want to go to N.O. this weekend to meet up with everyone there since it's been a while. I think I might do it since last weekend was full of driving and not much of hanging out. I didn't complain though. It all worked out in the end.

I finished Hotel Dusk today. All I have to say about the ending is...OH.MY.GOD. The story took a HUGE turn at the end. It shocked me for the most part. Overall, I'd say it was really good. I WANT KYLE'S "RED CROWN" OVERCOAT!!!

Anyway, I'm now playing Trace Memory. It's good so far. We'll see how it turns out in the end.

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Your moving out? Must get details later. Anyways, maybe Marla and I can come see the place in november?


House-warming Party~!!!!!

480? damn thats low, where is that at?

hello...how have you been????

Hey there! It's been forever, eh? I'm pretty good. How are you doing?

i'm faboo. just been busybusy with school. i'm in austin now. it's rad.

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