i feel ...

Evil Raindrops Are Falling...

"This is my kind of rain."

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i feel ...
There's a part in Spider-Man 2 where Peter begins to lose his powers. He climb walls, but he keeps falling. His web slinging ability is cut short and his super vision begins to dissipate.

Coincidentally, I am Peter right now.

But, there's also a part in the movie where he has a choice and to make that choice, he had to have a strong focus on what he wanted, not what was given to him.

I need to have that same strong focus...


I'll start with some movies and going to bed earlier than normal tonight. Sorry, Ton, no late-nite X-Play. :\

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IIDX Red thats all I have to say. ^_^ Yes I do have it!!

Dude, call me tonight. I just got around to playing a little bit of it.

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