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Some wonderful lessons.
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From viewing the overall statistics and strategies listed on AskMen.com about women, I am now armed with more knowledge and anticipation when it comes to swimming through the piranha-infested waters that I'd like to call the female gender. My analysis is listed below.

(Note: The follow aren't theories concocted by me. These balence the fine line between gender equality and gender exploitation. They are summarized and collected from several sources besides AskMen.com.)

Quick, Get The Piranha Repellent!

I've been swimming through the waters for years now and though I'm not much of a big complainer, I do believe that it is quite unfair when nothing but money-hungry, attention whoring women are flocking your way; The result of some possibly heartbroken person who have been sent back out to the single pool due to their quite obvious, untolerable personality.

However, besides the two types listed above, there are many other females out there who just haven't received that title "woman" even though they're of age and structure to completely handle this title. One reason that withdraws women from earning this title is that they're still a little, whiney, spoiled kid at heart. They haven't evolved from the "Daddy, buy me this or I'll scream!" personality from which they've obtained while growing up. They were used to getting everything the wanted and showing sad, innocent eyes when things didn't go their way -- just to get what they wanted. When it comes to men, they're the same way. They're going to get what they want or they'll whine, bitch and moan about not having it until they get it. It is quite wise to avoid the "Daddy's girl" simply because, in the end, she's nothing but a big manipulator hiding behind a nice, shiny pair of flashy boobs, a nice smile and a possible wall of "I need to look cute in order to get my way" makeup.

Another type to avoid is The Teaser. The Teaser only uses her naturally good looks and sassy attitude to woo you into a possible, manipulative trap. Also, The Teaser is usually high maintenance girl who only looks for guys who has what she is looking for. Others are used and dangled along on a string to see how far they're willing to go to satisfy her. She usually has a lot of guy friends and a possible boyfriend hidden in the shadows. One thing's for sure: Boyfriend or not, she is a totally insecure spaz. Avoid being teased and suckered into spending your hard-earned money that you worked desperately for all week on someone who's only purpose is to take it all away from you.

It's one thing being generous. It's another being just plain stupid.

Helpful Tips

- If you notice the types of behavior listed above right off the bat, you may want to steer clear...unless you're suicidal and are willing to throw yourself to the piranhas.

- It is always wise to stay in the safe zone. That means you limit yourself when doing things with her. This is suggested for all women that men encounter. You may not detect such behavior right off the bat. Eventually, her true personality will shine through and once you catch on, you have the decision whether to call or fold.

- If you're not sure about the direct approach, ask about her via her friends. Chances are they know more about her than she knows about herself. It is also wise to gather several opinions and suggestions. It wouldn't hurt to tell one of her friends that you might be interested in her. But it would hurt if you went to her and fell into a trap, without knowing what's really behind the curtain.

- Stay calm and always have a back-up plan. Things may not go well for you and it is not always wise to be overflowing with confidence. Just a little to get you to her doorstep, but not too much where you're rolling on all fours for her, obeying her every command. If she's not what you expected, don't feel discouraged. Some girls are just doomed to not grow up out of the "Daddy's Girl" stage and are forever dependant on those who are willing to cater to her needs.

Date Or Die!

Okay, so I used a cheezy title from an old NES game called "Skate Or Die!" Sue me. This section will cover girls who are usually quick to shoot the "Let's just be friends." line at you.

"Let's just be friends." - A line that can crush even the manilest man. To many guys like me, this line is the kiss of death and an obvious hint that she's not interested in you....at all. I've been a victim of this and it is not a wonderful feeling. I was younger, didn't have much experience in the dating game and was quite vulnerable to even the deadliest of attacks. Sometimes, a girl can consdier you being her friend indefinitely from the first five minutes of meeting you. If she doesn't consider you dating material, then you're bound to be thrown in the "friends" scrap heap, where dejected emos and friends who are desperately still trying to win her over reside. Once you're in that pit, it is almost nearly impossible to get out. Sometimes, you're just not in her deck of cards. Some girls appreciate guys who are nice, but there are those who hide behind that little white lie in search of someone who is the total opposite of nice. And no, I don't mean a cruel, thoughtless guy. But more like a guy who is more sexually aggressive when they're finally allowed backstage - where the real action resides. They know that a nice guy just doesn't have that saucy flair when things really heat up. They believe they'll be too hesitant to handle all of the action in front them. It sucks knowing that her one and only guy is standing there, waving that 'All Access Pass' in front you while you have to suffer, sit back and watch the show among the rest of your "Just friends" comrades. You really don't have to though, but it a decision that's entirely up to you.

Helpful Tips

- Don't talk to her again and move on. If she wants to be "Just friends" with you, chances are she won't follow up to its meaning. In the end, she'll more than likely be a lousy friend and you'll move on with more pessimistic thoughts about her after her contribution to adding insult to injury. So if you had her on your instant messenger in hopes that she would IM you after you pop online, prepare to be disappointed. Delete her from your messenger and your thoughts and move on.

- Seek an alternate route. If you know that things are not looking up and you're soon to fall into the friends category, find a way out before you fall into the trap. Be distant from her and wait until she comes to you. If she doesn't, then it's obvious that she doesn't see you in that way - a clear sign that if you went on with what you were doing prior to you stopping in your tracks, you would've more than likely fell into the "friend" trap.

- Addendum to previous tip: Ignore her and find other girls who are interested. No need to waste your time on the idiotic waste of space in front of you. There are a lot more women out there who are far more mature, interested and psychologically stable than the one standing in front of you. It's going to be her crawling up to you later on in life literally begging you to take her out. I say spit on her, tell her that revenge is sweet and that the dildo stashed away under her bed could be her date for the night.

Personally, I can't stand girls who can decipher whether you're their indefinite friend or not right away. It is a selfish and very judgemental method of them thinking they're better than you. It is also a clear sign that they haven't grown up and are still a little girl on the inside. Everyone has the benefit of a doubt, regardless of their social status, color, income, etc.

Thank you for reading this article of mine and I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed typing it up here on LiveJournal. Tomorrow, I'll cover why women reject men and some women that are worth looking into. I'll also go a little into "Psycho Girls" including a personal experience involving an ex-friend of mine.

Written by: Derick J. Carr
Source: AskMen.com, my very pensive brain


Comments welcome. Refrain from being an ass when posting. I will delete it if you do. Thank you.

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you mentioned wanting to go on with another part. i'll wait until then, if there's not much space between now and then and i don't forget what i wanna say.

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