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Evil Raindrops Are Falling...

"This is my kind of rain."

Going to a new place soon.
So I might be moving to an apartment not too far from here once I get rid of my August expenses. It's a really nice place for $480 with water paid. Not too shabby. I already have the furniture to furnish the place so that's not a big deal. Thing is that I really won't be able to make the trips that I usually make once I make an investment into this new place. I really want to make another trip up to H-burg before taking all this into consideration.

I want to go to N.O. this weekend to meet up with everyone there since it's been a while. I think I might do it since last weekend was full of driving and not much of hanging out. I didn't complain though. It all worked out in the end.

I finished Hotel Dusk today. All I have to say about the ending is...OH.MY.GOD. The story took a HUGE turn at the end. It shocked me for the most part. Overall, I'd say it was really good. I WANT KYLE'S "RED CROWN" OVERCOAT!!!

Anyway, I'm now playing Trace Memory. It's good so far. We'll see how it turns out in the end.

The wait is over...
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In the morning, I'm on the road back to Baton Rouge. Though it'll be a long drive, I think it's definitely worth it.

I forgot to call Drew, so i think I might do that on my way down there.

I just hope that I don't get lost either.

Later, peeps. Call me if you want to talk (501) 442 5276

Ayori, I didn't forget about you. The number above is my new cell number. Call or text it if you wish.

Again, later peeps.

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Steve Irwin, dead at 44.

May you live on forever in our hearts, oh mighty crocodile hunter.

Eh, this depresses me. The guy was freaking awesome.

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Remember last night's puzzle? Well, there's an even harder version of it. The same keypad, but different clues. Let's look at it againCollapse )

Uh, yeah. Apparently the above content makes up the 4-number code for the keypad. Any stabbers?

An annoying puzzle...
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Okay, so check this outCollapse )

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There's a part in Spider-Man 2 where Peter begins to lose his powers. He climb walls, but he keeps falling. His web slinging ability is cut short and his super vision begins to dissipate.

Coincidentally, I am Peter right now.

But, there's also a part in the movie where he has a choice and to make that choice, he had to have a strong focus on what he wanted, not what was given to him.

I need to have that same strong focus...


I'll start with some movies and going to bed earlier than normal tonight. Sorry, Ton, no late-nite X-Play. :\

A foreshadowed warning?
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Not too long ago, I was disliked for a certain reason. Thus being blocked indefinitely without reason. Well, I wouldn't say without reason, but this person didn't have the balls to tell me that I was being disliked during that time. After signs of list purging, I figured that it was serious. So me, being the nice person that I am, tried to fix this. This person was obviously crazy. So there was no hope, but did I feel bad for it?

Why would I? Once I knew that it wasn't my fault, I didn't feel bad at all putting this person in perspective, not really caring what I said. Until this day, I don't regret it at all. I think know psychological flaws existed in this person, so yeah. At such an age, it was quite evident that comprehension didn't exist in this one's vocabulary. So it's quite irrelevant (and futile) to help the already mentally deranged.

...But why do I feel that it's happening all over again with someone else? Why can't I shake the feeling that it won't be told to me just like the above scenario? Am I *that* intimidating? Oh well. When I start to see concrete evidence (besides the small hints of purging), then I'll know for sure.

Stay tuned.

Some wonderful lessons.
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Dating Stuff and for those who are curiousCollapse )


Comments welcome. Refrain from being an ass when posting. I will delete it if you do. Thank you.

Sweatpants, a couch, a movie and ice cream on a Saturday night
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Silent Hill on Friday and I'm going with my sister since she wants to see it as well. In the morning, I'm going to go out for a jog. I need to clear my head. I know I'm old and I shouldn't be afraid of dreams, but I am quite afraid to go to sleep tonight. The bad dreams I have affect my feelings and I just want them to go away. Like seriously, they make me mumble in my sleep in hope that someone would be around to wake me up. When I'm finally awake, I'm either upset or contemplative and I don't want to feel like that whenever I take a snooze. But yeah, clearing my head with a jog would be a good start.

I'm stuck on Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door in Chapter 3. I'm not sure how to hatch the Yoshi egg, but I'll get it sooner or later. It feels way too long, but it's quite interesting.

Next week, I'm gonna go searching for a new car. It's going to be paid off now and I'll just pay the money back to my folks over time. I think this'll work since the money is going to their new house - wherever that is. I know onw thing though: It won't be in Arkansas.

Anyway, it's storming outisde. Good. We need the rain.

"For Great Justice!"
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