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Evil Raindrops Are Falling...

"This is my kind of rain."

DerBear >.<
7 February

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Card #7:conkervertex
Conker Vertex
Date Created:02-22-2002
Number of Posts: 549
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An inevitable fate: It has been a struggle thus far, but seeing as how there is light at the end of the tunnel, I stuggle everyday. Though my efforts are meaningless sometimes, I still try to learn from what I don't understand. As for help, I have probably a few that I can count on one hand to go to for guidance. The rest is up to me. As far as I know, it's not easy.
Latest Phase: "Everyone comes to the Answer Man."
A lot of people have been coming to me for advice lately. Usually, it's sufficient to aid one in moving them to the next step. Sure, I like what I'm doing. When you know what you want, you have the choice to go for it or not...

Strengths: Positive thoughts, self-doubts, toleration, dexterity, intelligence
Weaknesses: can be easily seduced, manipulation, back pains, lonliness, sleep deprived, constant headaches
Special Skills: Photoshop (Intermediate Badge), DDR, fanfics, web design, quick thinking
Weapons: It's me against the world. This is going to take a while...
Quotes: "I say nothing because I know nothing..."
"Everyone comes to the Answer Man."

Lacey is love!
One Of My Daily Inspirations(^^)v

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ai yori aoshi, akira yamaoka, amplitude, animal crossing, anime, anne hathaway, anti-cops, atomic kitten, aubrey graham, b. jenet, b.b. hood, beatmania, beatmania iidx, capcom, capcom vs. snk, capcom vs. snk 2, cassie steele, chappelle's show, cheaters tv, cherry sprite, china, chinese, christina ricci, christina schmidt, conker, cooler kids, crash team racing, dance freaks, dante, david gordon, ddr, deepsky, degrassi: the next generation, detroian, devil may cry, diva 92.3, dj setup, dj taka, dreamcast, drum and bass, dvds, electronica, elisa moolecherry, ellie nash, emily mortimer, emulators, english, family, figure it out, freezepop, frequency, friends, fuzzy, game boy advance, gamecube, goldeneye 007, goofy, gordo, graphics design, harry potter, hermione granger, honda accord, hotel dusk, japan, japanese, jean roc raltique, jennifer tilly, jet li, jill valentine, juliette lewis, kate beckinsale, kikkoman, kingdom hearts, kiyommy + seiya, konami, kyosuke kagami, lacey chabert, lala moore, lalaine, larry tudgeman, lauren collins, lei fang, lillith, lilo and stitch, livejournal, lobsters, madonna, mandarin, mario golf, mario tennis, mary elizabeth mcglynn, maximum exposure, mean girls, megan mullally, memories, metroid, midnight snacks, morgan webb, music composing, mxc, nadia, naoki underground, nba hangtime, nesquik, nickelodeon gas, nintendo, orange lounge, outphase, parappa, percussion freaks, photoshop, pikmin, pink pong, pink rose, playstation 2, pocky, pop'n music, project justice, psychology, ram, respect, rival schools, root beer, shenmue, silent hill, sleeping, snow crabs, sonstyle, sony, sora, sota fujimori, spiked braclets, ssx3, stacey farber, stephanie mcmahon, stone crabs, storm, super mario sunshine, super smash brothers melee, symbion project, taq, techno, the matrix, trance, tricrescent eclipse, verizon wireless, wallflowering, wavebird, yu takami, zelda